Kitahama International Bible Church (KIBC) traces it roots back to a Bible study that Pastor Kuroda started for business men in 1994. They met every Monday for prayer, fellowship and the study of God's word.

In 1996, this group helped to start Monday Night Worship, a monthly worship service at a local restaurant aimed at reaching fellow business men for Christ. The fruit of this new ministry resulted in the establishment of a new church called Osaka Shalom Chapel in 1997. Meeting weekly on Sunday evenings, the purpose of the new church was to be a spiritual oasis for business men while meeting the specific needs of those in the business community.

historyIn June of 1998, the name of the church was changed to International Bible Church, and IBC began holding bilingual worship services every Sunday morning. In March 2002, IBC moved into the VIP Kansai Center where it now occupies the 5th, 8th and 9th floors. In the beginning of 2007, It was changed the name of IBC to Kitahama International Bible Church (KIBC).

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